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Fall is around the corner along with the dreaded word to our students.. SCHOOL! As we all prepare for our back to school schedule we just wanted to take a minute to update you on the changes around the farm and re-structuring of our lesson program.

In an effort to try to stay as flexible as possible with our lessons we are going to offer weekly 45 min group lessons tailored to the riding abilities of your child. We feel the small groups will offer more opportunities for learning while having fun in a group environment. Plus the extra 15 minutes will allow for more riding time without losing the very important tack up & grooming time. All of this will come in the same price package of $30 a lesson when you buy 3 at a time or $35 per lesson on a week to week schedule. Private lessons will also be available at specific times but must be paid in advanced and can be made up at trainer’s schedule and not refunded if cancelled in less than 24 hours. Please understand this is a rule because our schedules are very full with lessons and training of the horses on our farm so if we are sitting around waiting for a lesson that does not show it is costing us money.

On Farm Leasing: We have decided that all of our lesson ponies and horses will be available for ½ leases. This includes the availability for you to ride 2 times per week outside of your riding lesson. We are going to introduce a special ½ price rate to any students interested in trying the lease program of only $75 per month for the first month. (Regular cost is $150 per month.) Full leases are also available to those interested; please discuss your options with Amanda  856-297-5889

Horse Shows! We would like to get a handle on who is interested in doing some horse shows in the fall. Now that we have our big fancy 4 horse trailer we can ship all the lesson horses and ponies to the shows and would love to have some kids come out and represent Ivy Hill Farm. We are hoping for a nice average winter (haha) and plan on getting over to the Dream Park and a few other local farms to horse show throughout the season. Just let us know if you are interested in your child (or yourself!) getting on the horse show band wagon so we can come up with a schedule for the kids outside of our regular show schedule with the sale and training horses.

Refer a friend! If we receive a new student with a referral from a current student you will receive $10 off your next lesson. We feel word-of-mouth is the best and most flattering form of advertisement and appreciate our customers spreading the word.
We would love to share any photos you have on our website, shoot us an email with any shots of your kids around the farm and we’ll post them online and on our Facebook. ivyhillfarm@comcast.net

Summer Camps 2014
Ivy Hill Farm currently has a waiting list for boarding, but sign up with us now!
$400 per month.
- Large grass turnout fields with Sheds-
- Airy barn with 12x14 matted and bedded stalls-
 - Fans & Automatic fly spray system -
- Lighted outdoor arena with jumps -
- Tons of fun trail riding! -


Recycled Racehorses Program

please click here for the full website for the program details- http://recycledracehorses.weebly.com/about.html

A little about our program....

 For the Buyers:
We are striving to build a program for the premier horses coming from the tracks and able to transition into the higher levels of competition and showing. All of our horses start off with a pre purchase exam done by our farm's veterinarian so we know what we are dealing with before you even come to take a look at the horse. It's an open book with the horses in our program, everything we know, you will know. Any vet records can be transferred to your vet to be discussed with you.  This gives the horse the best possible chance on its next career, in our opinion.  Our program has absorbed all of the positives of "adoption", such as if you are ever unable to keep your horse it will always be welcomed back to our barn.  We have also given you the ability to sell the horse for a profit, we call it a "placement".  As long as we know where the horse is and the details of the transfer of ownership, we are happy!  You can view our Placement application below.

For the owners/breeders/trainers/sellers:
Again its an open book here, we want everyone to understand what our role is! We are looking for the top end of the thoroughbreds coming off of the tracks and transitioning to new careers. The programs out of pocket costs are $300 a month reduced board/training rates plus a 50/50 split of the horse's sale price. Plain and simple and you can view our contract below!

Ivy Hill Farm
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